Our Mission

The Mission of  Hooray! Drop'n Play  is to provide a fun, safe and secure atmosphere for kids and parents.

   Hooray! Drop'n Play was started for several reasons:

  • Provide hourly childcare without having to pay full/part-time prices;

  • Provide dependable childcare for parents during and after normal business hours;

  • Provide reasonably priced full/part-time childcare; 

  • Provide an opportunity for parents to rejuvenate themselves;
  • Provide a birthday venue that allows everyone in attendance to participate in;
  • Provide opportunities for kids to build independence and social skills;
  • Provide opportunities for kids to be engaged in creating personalized items, learn foreign languages, learn american sign language and other skillsets; and 
  • Give parents and kids rewards for the money they spend in Hooray!Drop'n Play services (restrictions apply).